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Water Based Coating Unit Cleaning Procedure

Water Based Coating Unit Cleaning Procedure

IPT Coating Unit Cleaning Procedure

This procedure applies to both standard roller coat systems along with Anilox coaters:

  • Drain all remaining coating from coating pan, anilox chamber and all pipe work.
  • For a coating change over, pump clean water through the unit for approximately 5 minutes.
  • If a deep clean is required use either a 50:50 mix of water and IPT Emulsion Cleaner or pure IPT Emulsion Cleaner. Pump around the coating unit system for 20 minutes.
  • Wash and wipe clean with a lint free cloth both, the blanket and steel roller.
  • If you have either an anilox roller or doctor blade, ensure these are also clean. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the anilox is key for a consistent result. We recommend weekly cleaning of the anilox roller with the IPT Anilox Cleaning Gel. This is to be applied and left for a minimum of 30 minutes. It will help to soften any dried coating from the cells and ensure a more accurate application. After 30 minutes remove the gel using either water or IPT Emulsion Cleaner. For severely filled Anilox rollers we recommend the removal and cleaning via an ultrasonic system.
  • Ensure the washing water / mix is fully drained from the coating system.
  • Once clear begin to pump the water-based emulsion through the pipe work but ensure the return feed is still within a waste container.
  • Monitor the material and once you are confidant the return material is coating and not waste water return the feed to the coating container.

 **Please be advised that small amounts of water or wash can dramatically reduce the viscosity of the coating and can result in application issues. It is therefore important that no waste water enters the coating barrel. **

For any further advise or support please contact the technical team at IPT

Tele: 0345 603 4005


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