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Roller Recovery and Exchange

Böttcher Rollers

Böttcher manufactures the highest quality press rollers for the leading sheetfed presses. Using our superior rubber compounds, our printing rollers deliver excellent print results and last longer. Böttcher’s quality has long been recognized by the sheetfed press manufacturers including Heidelberg, Komori, MAN Roland, Mitsubishi, KBA and others who specify Böttcher rollers for their new presses. They know they can trust Böttcher rollers to meet OEM specifications, matching the required core weights, hardness and wall thickness. In lesser rollers where core weights and wall thickness are not correct, the core may flex at the high speeds in today’s presses and lead to colour variation. Böttcher rollers are press ready. This means that they are fitted in our factory with new bearings and accessories so you are assured properly aligned rollers. Take them out of the box and put them directly in your press! Most importantly, you get excellent and consistent printing results with Böttcher rollers - precise and even transfer of ink and fountain solutions - with fewer adjustments. You will be able to keep the presses running longer with optimum printing results by using Böttcher rollers on your sheetfed offset presses

79-Series Roller Compounds

Glaze-Free Steady State

For sheetfed offset printing with conventional inks, the 79-Series is available in 25, 30, 35 and 40 Shore A. These compounds offer a very high resistance to the oils, varnishes and other ingredients of conventional sheetfed inks. The 79-Series compounds are optimally adjusted to the conditions of sheetfed offset printing and the rubber was awarded the GATF InterTech Technology Award for its unique glaze-free and steady set properties. These compounds resist glazing and demonstrate minimal shrinkage over their entire service life. The 79-Series is the compound of choice for the majority of sheetfed OEM press manufacturers. Böttcher’s 79-Series of conventional rubber compounds truly are the industry standard!

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EPDM Roller Compounds

For UV and EB Printing

For dedicated UV / EB printing, special EPDM rubber compounds are offered by Böttcher. These special compounds were developed to solve the problems with swelling, shrinking and/or stickiness, often associated with th use of conventional rubber compounds in UV/EB printing. Böttcher EPDM compounds are offered in a range of harnesses, in order to meet the requirements of different positions in the roller train. In addition to being ideal for use in sheetfed UV/EB applications, these compounds have been developed with dynamic qualities that make them ideal for use in high speed web UV/EB applications. Böttcher EPDM compounds are available in 25, 30 and 40 Shore A.

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Chameleon Roller Compounds

For UV, Hybrid and Conventional Inks

A Böttcher exclusive, Chameleon roller compounds are designed for use in mixed mode printing. Chameleon rollers allow the printer to switch back and forth from conventional, hybrid and UV inks without fear of roller damage. Chameleon rubber adapts to the ink environment. To guarantee optimum dynamic properties, Chameleon incorporates Böttcher’ proprietary ARDT (Advanced Rubber Dynamic Technology). Since Chameleon compounds contain no PVC, they run cooler than other so called dual purpose rollers. Böttcher’s Chameleon Technology was awarded an InterTech Technology Award by GATF in 2005. Böttcher Chameleon compounds are available in 25 and 38 Shore A.

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