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KSL Spray Powders

Not all spray powders are the same; the uniformity of the particle size with KSL spray powders allows up 33% less powder to be used when compared to other regular brands.

An essential property of any anti set-off spray powder is the structure and conformity of particle size. These illustrations show the function of the anti set-off powder working as spacers between the freshly printed sheets. The difference achieved by a uniform spray is clearly illustrated above. The application of equal grains at a regular distance ensures minimum consumption, even stacks and trouble free printing.


KSL Offset Spray Powders


Water based coating

When printed sheets are to be coated with water based emulsions it is recommended to use a spray powder that is hydrophobic, that means water repellent. Our S5 WL spray powder is water repellent and also due to its regular particle size enables a reliable spacer between the sheets enabling sufficient air in the stack, which is required to support oxidative drying of the ink beneath the coating.

KSL Spray Powders

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