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A1 TDB Alcohol Replacement Fount Solution

A1 TDB Alcohol Replacement Fount Solution

A1 TDB Fountain Solution

Utilising new technology and raw materials TDB Fountain Solution is a damping additive used in Conventional & UV lithographic printing.

TDB Fountain Solution has been developed specifically to reduce damp setting and therefore ink usage and to reach faster press balance and stability.


  • Ability to reduce Damp & Ink usage by up to 20%
    • Sharper dot and lower dot gain
    • Improved lustre with Conventional and UV Metallics
    • Reduces picture framing & piling
  • Faster Start-Ups & Colour Balance
    • Reduced make -ready time and reduced material waste
  • Improved plate protection and reduced ink fly
  • Excellent results on Cold Foil applications


  • Combination of 50% Normal Propanol 50% Fount Mix
  • Normal Propanol higher flash point 12°C → 23.5°C  
  • Increased duration between tank drops
  • Improved Press Balance & Stability
  • Reduced chemistry consumption compared to traditional IPA & Fount mix
  • Recyclable container service

Tank Audit & Testing

Based on the gas extraction principle we use a PitSid measuring device with a special gas sensor which determines the alcohol concentration in evaporated dampening solution. Using this measured value, the alcohol concentration in the dampening solution sample is calculated under consideration of calibration formulas and the sample temperature and is displayed.


The pressure on companies to move away from one use plastic is increasing, even more so with the introduction in April 2022 of a new tax on manufactures and importers of plastic materials. Typically, a product made from plastic is often not recycled itself, it is the reason there is a need to reuse plastic where possible before submitting to landfill.

IPT offer a scheme where containers can be reused on a re-cycle scheme.


Case Study Using A1 TDB Fount Solution.

Printing Company X – October ‘22

Company X runs a KBA 106 multi-unit press which is in very good condition; running conventional Low Migration inks


Savings and KPI increases seen with TDB Fount Solution:

Comparing the usage from the existing fount system, usage was approx. 34 x 25Ltrs per month, now reduced to 16 x 25Ltrs per month.                                                                                  

  • Reduction in plate scratches
  • Reduction in Ink Fly meaning savings on general cleaning products and time.
  • Reduced ink filter replacements.
  • Reduced picture framing meaning fewer blanket washes, savings on wash spirits, wash rolls and reduced blanket usage. Impregnated wash rolls usage reduced from 10 boxes per month to 5 boxes per month.,
  • Approx. 15–20% reduction on make-ready substrate.
  • Approx. 20% savings on ink usage.

In conclusion, circa annual cost saving of £75000.

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