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xxxxxInks and Varnishes

High speed and long perfecting presses

Today's sophisticated printing presses are extremely productive; to ensure optimum productivity and print quality Van Son inks are highly pigmented ensuring excellent graphic reproduction and press performance. Van Son's unique varnish and binder technology ensures consistent performance on both straight and perfecting presses.

Achieving the ISO 12647-2 standard

In today's market, print buyers are seeking that their work is printed to the ISO 12647-2 standard. To ensure this standard is achieved consideration has to be made to both repro and ink pigment selection. The major benefits of adopting this system include faster make ready times, reduced waste and improved colour consistency, Van Son are market leaders in this field.

Improving rub resistance on matt coated stocks

Even the smoothest matt coated stocks can mark and rub in the bindery. Within the Van Son range there are unique formulations which, through incorporating hard drying varnish systems, can significantly reduce the need for sealing.