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Sun Chemical SunLit Titan

Product Description
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Fastest Drying
With SunLit Titan the printed sheets feel dry after only a few minutes (“Titan-effect”), which allows processing of the prints after a very short time. On straight presses, printshops have to wait before printing the reverse side (to allow drying) in order to avoid damages on the first printed side. Once both sides are printed, there is usually another waiting period before the print can be processed: cutting, folding, stitching etc. A fast drying printing ink such as SunLit Titan can therefore accelerate the workflow at 2 stages. The use of a water-based protective varnish becomes unnecessary. In the case of simultaneous perfecting printing the use of SunLit Titan shortens the waiting period between printing and processing. The Titan-effect is enabled by the introduction of innovative raw materials leading to very fast setting, fast and thorough oxidative drying. Sun Chemical has submitted a patent application for this technology. SunLit Titan delivers immediate value through better usage of the presses, more jobs

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