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Sun Chemical Lottery Scratch Card Release Varnish

Product Description
£48.52 Ex. VAT

Lottery Release Varnish

Lottery release varnish is an oil based lithographic product designed to be applied as any standard OPV but with particular properties for specialist lottery type scratch card applications. This unique product creates a protective barrier over printed material as well as providing a platform for the application of a Screen Scratch off Lottery Silver.


1: Low Gloss finish

2: Fast setting

3: Hard Drying

4: Excellent Print surface damage resistance

5: Creates surface for Screen applied Lottery Silver

Application guidelines and exclusions Lottery release varnish can be applied in-line or as a separate press pass. Optimum lithographic damping conditions are needed in terms of pH, Conductivity & IPA control subject to recommended guidelines. Best results are achieved if the inks used have fast setting properties. This allows for a more stable resistance barrier of the printed subject matter and provides a better surface for the subsequent application of screen applied.


Price quoted is for 2.5 kilo tin.