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PCO Dyna Water Re-Hardner 620- ISEGA Certificated.

Product Description

Dyna Water Conditioner 620 is an artificial water hardening additive, used in conjunction with Reversed Osmosis (R.O.) water or very soft water. In order to fulfil the demands of the German press manufacturers who only allow very low concentrations of nitrates, chlorides and sulphates Dyna Waterconditioner 620 has been developed. The addition of Dyna Waterconditioner 620 will not increase the concentration of these ions. The product has been approved by ISEGA for the manufacture of packaging material with in-direct food contact. Nowadays the treatment of tapwater, used for the offset process, is more often discussed. The purpose of these treatments is to obtain very high quality and consistent water. Conditioning R.O. water with Dyna Waterconditioner 620 supplies you water with ideal characteristics for the offset printing process. This allows the printer to eliminate a very important inconsistency, namely fluctuations of the
water quality. This will lead to a quality improvement of the printing result.


  • Conditions very soft water, e.g. Reversed Osmosis-water;
  • Added to R.O. water, this product supplies a constant quality, low calcium content and low chloride, nitrate and sulphate content;
  • Certificate of compliance by ISEGA

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