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PCO DynaCol Fount 381Ci - Reduced IPA - ISEGA Approved

Product Description

DynaCol 381Ci is an universal fountain solution concentrate for use on sheetfed and continuous stationary presses. DynaCol 381Ci is designed to reduce the amount of isopropyl alcohol or make the use of it entirely redundant. In most cases a 0-4% dosage of isopropyl alcohol will be sufficient for alcohol dampening systems. DynaCol 381Ci meets the corrosion demands as set by the leading European press manufacturers and has been approved by ISEGA for the manufacture of packaging material with in-direct food contact.

A 2% dosage of DynaCol 381Ci can replace up to 12% isopropyl alcohol. This
product is suitable for water with hardness values of 8-16°dH (German scale). The
recommended standard addition is 2% (vol/vol), resulting in a pH value of 4.8-5.2,
depending on the hardness of the water. The recommended dosage can be varied
between 2% (soft water) and 3% (hard water). For every 1% of concentrate added
the conductivity increase will be approximately 490 μS/cm.


  • Immediate high density combined with optimal ink transfer;
  • Extreme stable ink/water balance;
  • No problems concerning calcium deposit on ink rollers and blankets;
  • No ink feedback on the dampening rollers;
  • Considerable reduction of ink- or paper piling on the blanket;
  • Fully controlled water uptake by the ink;
  • Faster and cleaner start-ups;
  • Contains active plate preservers;
  • Maximum foam reduction;
  • Certificate of compliance by ISEGA.

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