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Pantone Plus Plastics Chip Collection

Product Description
£5,556.25 Ex. VAT

For a wide variety of different colours for your plastic production requirements, the Pantone Plus Plastics Chips Collection is the perfect solution.

This comprehensive collection offers more than 1,700 different colours for you to compare and choose from. These colours are some of the most popular from our graphics collection, allowing you access to a wide range of colour options for your plastic production projects.

The plus plastics chips collection will help to give you the advantage over your competition when it comes to having a unique, stand-out colour design for your plastic goods.



  • Includes every colour from our graphic spot colour collection
  • The plastic chips are displayed in three rotating towers with six tiers each, for convenient location and storage
  • All of the chips are made from industry standard polypropylene to show exactly how they are going to look on your product
  • Chips are coated in both matte and gloss finish, on separate sides, so you can compare the two different options
  • Varying thickness in the chips allows you to compare what different thickness will do to the colour of the plastic
  • Each chip is pre-punched with a corner hole so you can easily put them on a ring to add to a colour palette



  • There are 1,755 different spot colours available to choose from, all of whihc can be used in your plastic production
  • Three separate towers have the colours organized in an easy-to-manage way so you can find what you need quickly and easily
  • Every colour chip includes the pigment formula, the PMS number to reference back to the guide, as well as other important information



  • The applications for this collection are endless for all process that uses plastic; package designers, electronics, medical supplies, the list goes on
  • Useful for when you are not sure about what colours you want on your palette, as they are easy to combine on an organizing ring