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Pantone Bridge To Seven (Extended Gamut) Colour Guide

Product Description
£141.75 Ex. VAT

Pantone has extended its regular Bridge Coated colour guide to help customers to carry out comprehensive colour comparisons for printing on coated paper.

This Bridge guide is the most efficient way to compare spot colours to their CMYK counterparts. Included with this guide is the Extended Colour Gamut which does the same thing for the seven colour process that some designers use; CMYK + OGV.

If you need to reference and compare digital colours to spot colours, this guide offers a comprehensive solution for designers. Our guide is designed to be easy to use in two separate handheld fans, which you are able to quickly flip through to find the colour you need. 



  • Comes as two handheld fan-like displays with colours organised for quick access and comparison
  • Uses 100 lb coated stock paper so you can see your colours on the most popular type of coated paper
  • Includes one of our useful indicators that lets you know when you are in the proper light to view the colours
  • Held to the highest standards of ISO certification which means your colours get flawlessly reproduced



  • The CMYK deck has 1,845 different colours and the CMYK + OGV deck consists of 1,729 different colour options
  • The seven-colour matching process improves colour matching drastically by using more colours in the process
  • The guide includes a very useful index at the end where you can locate any of the 3,500+ different colours
  • Every sample has the ink formula and other pertinent spot matching the information you will need



  • Great for anyone in the digital design realm, including animators and packaging designers
  • The addition of olive, green, and violet gives you a huge boost in perfectly matching spot colours
  • Gives you the ability to compare the spot colour, 4 colour, and 7 colour process at the same time
  • Comes as a package deal so you do not need to buy each sample deck separately