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Pantone Bridge To Seven (Extended Gamut) Colour Guide

Product Description
£141.75 Ex. VAT
The Bridge-To-Seven Bundle combines colour Bridge Coated with the new Extended Gamut Guide. colour Bridge compares Pantone spot colours side-by-side to their four-colour process (CMYK) equivalents, while Extended Gamut illustrates Pantone spot colour equivalents through seven-colour process (CMYK+OGV) printing. Use the Bridge-To-Seven Bundle to compare all printing options for your marketing materials, signage, and packaging.


  • Two portable, handheld fan decks
  • Printed on the most commonly used coated paper stock weight (100lb)
  • colour Bridge and Extended Gamut guides are printed to ISO Certification so colours can be consistently reproduced
  • Lighting Indicator pages demonstrate when lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation


  • 1,845 four-colour process, and 1,729 seven-colour process equivalents
  • Extended Gamut technology allows for ~90% better Pantone spot colour matches over CMYK by adding Orange, Green and Violet to the colour gamut
  • Each colour displayed with coordinating numbers and ink formulations, HEX and/or RGB values
  • colours arranged in chromatic format, with index at the back of guide indicating numeric location


  • Use for comparing spot-to-process colour and for digital design, animation, and packaging
  • Allows for side-by-side comparison of Pantone spot colours versus CMYK versus CMYK+OGV
  • Includes ink formulations, HEX, and RGB values for Pantone graphic spot colours
  • Offers a cost-saving bundle versus purchasing guides independently