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Certus Aqua + Positive Thermal Plates

Product Description

Key product features

Low chemical consumption:
Certus Aqua + plates are a positive working 830nm thermal low chemical consumption product. The combination of low chemical consumption and our unique grain technology, means you lower your carbon footprint. Therefore, the use of Certus Aqua + gives you economical advantages with the reduced chemistries needed in pre-press and the pressroom.

Unique plate technology:
Our unique plate graining technology allows for lower water usage in most printing environments, especially when printing alcohol free, or with an alcohol substitute. Average water savings is 10 to 25%. Due to the physical characteristics involved in ink/water balance on press, a reduction in water means that you can also reduce your ink consumption by the same percentage and still achieve the desired solid ink densities. This unique quality allows for faster make-ready, better color control and faster drying times thus allowing for more production.

Precise dot reproduction:
Excellent performance in dot reproduction and linearity. The dot proportion tolerance is less than 1% without calibration. This provides perfect image and color reproduction and gives printers the ability to print 10 micron FM screening.

High run length:
Up to 250,000+ impressions possible without post baking and more and more than 1 million impressions when baked. This is something you will not get with process-less or chem-free plates. 

Cost effective and easy to use:
Certus Aqua + is a positive working thermal technology that does not require pre-heat. Coupled with its unique grain technology, this produces a wider operational latitude in addition to the economical benefits described above, lower water, better color control, faster drying times and lower chemical costs in both pre-press and the pressroom.

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