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Certus Verde NP Chem Free Plates

Product Description

Key product features

No chemical consumption:

Certus Verde NP plates are a negative working 830nm thermal plate that does not require traditional chemical processing. The Verde NP plate utilizes DOP (develop on press) technology, which means no need for a processor or chemistry.

Develop on Press (DOP) plate technology:

Certus Verde NP utilizes a non-ablative plate coating technology which is a thermal negative plate allowing customers to image the plates and go directly to press. This is a low energy, 140mj/cm2 negative working plate. The non-image coating is softened on press by the fountain solution then is taken off the plate during initial roll-up and is ultimately transferred onto the make-ready sheets, so it won’t contaminate the ink or fountain solution. This process is completed in less than 50 sheets.

Precise dot reproduction:

Excellent dot reproduction and linearity. The dot reproduction is 1-99% @ 200lpi. This provides perfect image and color reproduction and gives printers the ability to print both AM and FM screening.

High run length:

Up to 100,000 impressions possible with the Certus Verde NP plates. As with any thermal plate, press conditions and types of chemicals being used to clean the plates and blankets can affect the plate life.

Cost effective and easy to use:

Certus Verde NP is a negative working thermal technology that does not require pre-heat or traditional chemical processing. This eliminates the need to have a conventional plate processor and chemistry, freeing up valuable space for small to medium printers.


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