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Pantone Colourbridge Guide Set GP6102N(Coated/Uncoated)

Product Description
£210.00 Ex. VAT

Our Colourbridge Guide Set is every graphic designer's best friend. This guide will be your go-to option for conducting accurate comparisons of our spot colours compared to their CMYK variants.

The side-by-side comparison uses both coated and uncoated stock paper so you can see the differences as clearly as possible.

As with all of our various guides, you will have all the information you need regarding ink formulas, RGB values, and everything else you need to make the right decision for your project. This guide is great for animators, digital designers, and even packaging designers who want to ensure they make the right colour choices. This colour guide can help you in many different aspects of the design process, no matter what you are working on.



  • Colours are exclusively printed to ISO Certification standards so you never have inconsistencies
  • Colourbridge Guide is contained in two fan-deck designs, making it practical and portable
  • Samples are printed on standard issue stock paper weight depending on coated or uncoated (148 and 118 gsm respectively)
  • Includes our handy indicator to let you know when you are in the right lighting to properly view the samples



  • Allows the user the closest possible way to compare the difference between Pantone and CMYK, and how closely we can match it
  • A total of 1845 different colours with 112 new ones in the last three years
  • Sample colours are compared to Hex, CMYK, and RGB depending on your individual needs
  • Newest colours are located in the front, and everything is neatly organized according to colour
  • The index is located in the back to help you find any of the 1,845 available colour comparisons



  • This is the only set that will compare our Pantone colours to the three different processes you may use
  • Ideal for those who rely on the CMYK printing process with things like packaging and digital design.
  • Gives the proper values for digital designers and animators that need HTML or RGB values


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